The 1-Hour Modern Sales Pro

A free online course for sales & business development professionals seeking to upgrade their skills, abilities and mindset for the future.Ideal as an onboarding or refresher tool for teams.

It's time to rethink everything you know about selling.

Selling used to be about pitching, persuading and closing prospects based on products and features. But times change, companies and roles evolve, and so should your strategy.This short course will help you to start thinking like a modern sales professional - making use of human interaction skills, digital & AI tools and a creator's mindset to advise & develop trust.

What's inside?

3 in-depth videos & downloads covering:

  • Shifting your mindset from selling to problem-solving

  • Unpacking why key human interaction skills like storytelling, problem solving are crucial to the future of sales roles

  • Live walkthrough on how to use LinkedIn & ChatGPT to augment your abilities & master productivity

  • Embracing content creation & developing your voice when building credibility with your audience

  • Bonus video: 3 types of questions & how to master asking them

  • Bonus team walkthrough video: finding your client's insight exercise

A Modern Sales Pro is an advisor, storyteller, problem solver and a content creator. They don't push - they pull.After 60 minutes, you will have a strong sense of how your sales role will be shaped by the future demands of customers, businesses and new technologies, and how to get ahead of the curve by augmenting yourself and doubling down on your human interaction skills.

Tom Morgan
C-Suite Fundamental

'One-on-one, Alex was a tremendous sparring partner who recommended creative ways to communicate complex messages. In this way, he establishes both credibility and trust, and I will continue to recommend him to clients, colleagues and friends.'

Dennis Williams
AES Africa

'I knew Alex was someone I needed to get involved in our business. Alex is insightful, meticulous and can very quickly clear the clutter away and reveal the essence of a subject and the real story that needs to be told.'

Are you ready to begin?